Here, at Trampoline Gym Tots your child will enjoy new challenges, develop new skills, and most importantly have heaps of fun. Through fun structured activity your child will gain a new level of concentration and confidence.
Children’s attitudes towards sport in general are usually developed by the age of 5 years, so it is important that they have the opportunity to enjoy as much sport as possible before this age.
During the class, children will learn a wide variety of skills to help gain self-awareness, body control, physical fitness, spatial awareness and coordination. They will develop trampoline gymnastics skills which will also enhance many other sport skills. Children will also begin to learn how to work as a team during ‘spotting’ as well as gain confidence in their individual ability and skills.
Your child will develop important key skills which will enhance his/ her PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL, EDUCATIONAL and
SOCIAL Awareness Skills.
Through developing gross motor and fine motor skills, the child gains experience of managing their own bodies with assurance to achieve body control, adaptability and alertness. Listening, concentration, timing and co-ordination skills are all improved. A strong foundation of Trampoline Gymnastics skills which will enhance the natural development of a growing child are encouraged and developed.
Children will develop the ability to think independently; their imaginations will be hugely stimulated and they will learn how to solve problems efficiently and safely.
Learning is enhanced through the use of numbers, shapes, direction, vocabulary and counting. In particular listening skills are developed and improved.
Children learn to understand about social interaction, co-operation, teamwork, manners, sharing, waiting a turn and other important behavioural techniques.
The benefits of trampoline gymnastics are extensive, impact, and long-lasting. If you wish to know more about the benefits of trampoline gymnastics, then please do not hesitate to contact us.
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